Fashion jewellery – history made beautiful

There can be nothing better to make an outfit complete or make you feel fabulous than a stunning piece of jewellery. The variety of materials and designs that they come in means the exquisite variety on offer never disappoints. One area within this sector of the fashion industry is fashion jewellery.

What is fashion jewellery?

Fashion jewellery is simply jewellery that is designed to be worn as a fashion statement and complement the outfit you are wearing. Although there are many fine pieces to help brighten up your day-time attire, a lot of people will wear it on an evening out with an expensive dress or suit.

The history of fashion jewellery 

Fashion jewellery can trace its origins back a long way. Ancient Egyptians were very skilled at making jewellery by hand, normally using gold or silver if they could get it. These materials were used because they were not only stunning in appearance but also easy to work with. Popular jewellery to wear at that time were things like anklets, bracelets and earrings.

The Roman empire liked its jewellery too

Following on from the Egyptians, the Roman Empire also liked to wear fashion jewellery too. While not quite as extravagant in the amount or kind they wore, they still liked a good ring or broach to wear when in public. Moving on from Roman times, it turns out fashion jewellery was also popular in Medieval times too.

People then liked to decorate themselves with pins, pendants and broaches, usually with religious emblems or designs. This was quite an exciting time for fashion jewellery as many new techniques such as inlaying and enamelling were discovered.

Present day fashion jewellery 

Although Victorian times saw a real appetite for fashion jewellery, the boom in the industry in the 1950’s was significant also. The glamour of Hollywood was sought by the emerging middle-classes around the world who wore costume jewellery to do this. Wearing a great piece of jewellery could give people a taste of star style and elegance.

Moving into the present day, fashion jewellery is as popular as ever it seems. The approach to its use now is very eclectic with a whole range of styles, periods and designs being worn in everyday life. Whatever point in history, it seems people just love dressing up and feeling good!


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